Dinner for two || Cardy

Staring down at his computer, Carson was jumping with joy as he exited out of the window and set his laptop aside. This dinner date was going to be the first actual date the two will have. All the others didn’t end the way he’d expect them to, but he never did mind. Just being in his company was good enough for him. Standing up, Carson walked over to his mirror and checked if his appearance was presentable. His hair and everything else was good except for the fact that he’s still in a baggy pair of sweatpants and a loose t-shirt. “Dammit.” He cursed under his breath, lazily walking over to his closet.

Opening it, his eyes skimmed across the array of clothing laid out before him. He contemplated on going casual or formal. It’s just a dinner date, right? Not like some kind of marriage reception. After more moments of thought, he finally picked out a pair of khakis and a red polo. He then got out of all his clothes and hastily putting that outfit on, not wanting Cody to wait for a long a time. He then put on a pair of white high tops and walked out his dorm, closing the door after he went out. 

Unsure of where exactly he’d like to meet him, Carson walked out into the dead center of the quad where everyone can see him and where Cody would be able to spot him easily. He then sat down, tapping his feet on the ground as he waited for his arrival.